Rodale regales with another delightful, tender, witty love story that's a smart charmer of a read. The plot may be familiar, but the twists and intelligent turns she takes along the way delight.

Six years ago Angela Palmerston was banished in shame to live at the abbey. She's preparing to take her vows when a wounded stranger is brought in. Lord Phillip's gambling debts have placed him in danger, and attackers have left him for dead. Angela nurses him back to health, and they fall in love. She accepts his marriage proposal -- but then suddenly he's gone.

Believing herself betrayed, Angela goes to London and becomes an illustrator. Phillip, who was kidnapped for his unpaid debts, eventually escapes and heads to London, determined to win her away from the man who loved her first. (Berkley Sensation, Nov., 330 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin