Breeding’s third Rogue novel combines a charming romance with the kind of high-stakes intrigue readers have come to love. Her larger-than-life hero is equally matched by both his daring heroine and a genuinely dastardly villain, making for an engaging, fast-paced adventure. There are a number of plotlines unfolding in this story, and though all are well developed, they do interrupt the course of the romance at times. Nevertheless, Breeding’s skill as a storyteller shines throughout this book, ensuring that fans and newcomers alike will savor the further exploits of the fascinating MacLeods.

Since their first meeting, Abigail Townsend has been smitten with Captain Shane MacLeod, but she despairs of ever catching his eye. So Abigail takes her fate in her own hands, boarding Shane’s ship dressed as a boy. When her ruse is discovered, Abigail is shocked to find Shane offering to wed her — even though he seems to want nothing to do with her. Little does she know that Shane is fighting an all-consuming desire for his adventurous bride, one secret among many that Shane is forced to keep. And when an old enemy threatens, Shane may be forced to sacrifice himself to keep his wife — and his secrets — safe. (SAMHAINPUBLISHING.COM, dl $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown