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Lady Ophelia Sheffield's ire is up when she confronts the man responsible for stealing her home. The Earl of Rotherham must be made to listen to reason. Ophelia's plan involves a bit of risk, but she is determined to pay a midnight visit to his home and seduce him into changing his mind regardless of the consequences. What she doesn't expect is to be pleading her case to the wrong man.

The honorable Charles Lynton is fed up with the London scene and switches identities with his brother. When he finds an enticing woman in his brother's chambers, he is sure she is out to hook him for more than money. He strikes a bargain: he will return the title of her home if she will play the courtesan for him whenever he wishes.

So begins a web of lies for Ophelia and Charles. An audacious game of cat and mouse begins when they are in the public's eye, but in secluded darkness, a game of seduction and fire burns the lady and the rogue in its flames.

Burns takes a well-used plot and makes it into something new as the hero uses poetry to incite the fire of passion in innocent Ophelia. His defense of her reputation should be applauded when Charles discovers what Ophelia soon will: In the battle of seduction, there can only be one winner—love. (dl $3.99, dk $4.49)

Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith