Image of A Rogue of My Own


Image of A Rogue of My Own

Lindsey takes a breather from her Mallory series with this tale of Victorian palace intrigue and simmering passion disguised behind a love/hate relationship. Despite the leisurely start and copious details of court life, the story takes off and sustains its pace with Lindsey's signature verbal repartee/
battle of wills. It will hold fans' attention till the end.

Queen Victoria is expecting a child when Rebecca Marshall enters her court as a queen's maid. Behind the palace walls intrigue is a game, and the silent battle between Lady Sarah and her nemesis, Nigel Jennings, thrusts her together with her childhood "Angel," Rupert St. John.

As one of Nigel's spies, Rupert is to ferret out the maid's secrets, and when Lady Sarah recruits Rebecca to uncover Nigel's latest intrigue they are trapped in a gambit of lies and deceptions that leads to a night of passion. In the morning, distrust and misunderstandings take the place of love. They're sent on an unexpected mission to France, where Rebecca's pregnancy forces them to marry. Even if things didn't start out like a fairy tale, if Rupert can convince Rebecca of his trust and she can gain his faith, they have a chance for happiness. (POCKET, Jun., 400 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin