Reid is an absolutely fantastic hero! During the course of the story his dynamic character transforms from playboy to overprotective alpha hero. The heroine is not quite as interesting, spending the majority of the book on tranquilizers due to what she believes is a heart condition. But even with her limitations, readers will love this couple.

Jasmine St. Claire is married to an abusive doctor. After four years she decides to leave and asks handsome ambassador Reid to let her hitch a ride on his spaceship. Reid, who is actually Prince Reid, refuses, but Jasmine won’t take no for an answer and stows away on the ship. When Reid finds out the truth of her situation, he will do anything to keep Jasmine safe. Known as a rogue and womanizer, Reid is surprised to find the only woman who tells him “no” is the only one he wants. (THE RAVEN, 2011, 199 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak