When the reports of his scandalous behavior appear in "The Rogue Report" and ruin Jack Mansfield's chances for marriage, the Earl of Rutledge is determined to expose the author of the scandal sheet. Evidence points to Lady Julia Corwyn, the headmistress of a school for illegitimate children of noblemen.

Posing as a teacher, Jack finds a position at the school, where he discovers he has a gift for teaching and mathematics. More importantly, he finds that Julia is not a ruthless man-hater, but a beautiful, sensual, intelligent woman with a scandalous past.

Though Julia strives for propriety, she's attracted to Jack, and when it appears that someone is trying to kill her, she needs his protection. In the comfort of his arms, she finds peace and passion, and even when Jack uncovers the truth about "The Rogue Report," he cannot leave Julia in harm's way.

The quick pace, memorable characters -- especially the children -- and intrigue add to a beautiful story of growing love as Smith works her special brand of magic to make you laugh, cry and savor every word. This is another example of Smith's exemplary storytelling ability and why she's a beloved author of the genre. SENSUAL (Jun., 390 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin