Image of The Rogue Steals a Bride (Rogues' Dynasty)


Image of The Rogue Steals a Bride (Rogues' Dynasty)

Grey strives to create touching tales to reach readers on many levels, and she succeeds beautifully with this story of a woman defined by a vow and a man determined to set her free. The quick-moving plot and likable characters enhance the emotional love story, and the addition of twin spinster aunts to the mix provides just the right dash of quirkiness and charm to an enchanting romance.

When Matson Brentwood rescues a beautiful redhead from thieves, he’s captivated. But Miss Sophia Hart is off-limits, because she’s his enemy’s ward. Sophia has come to London to fulfill her deathbed promise to her father to marry a titled gentleman. She is also determined to help her spinster aunts find love. However, her encounter with the dashing Brentwood has her thinking of a love of her own. Sophia and Matson must put aside their families’ past mistakes to grab a future for themselves. (SOURCEBOOKS, Jul., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin