Though hes the Dukes first son, Grayson Rhodes is a rogue who wants to earn his way in the world, and cavorting about in Londons ballrooms and clubs is not the way for him to make his fortune. Grayson, along with other young gentlemen, agrees to come to America and work on widow Abbie Westlands homestead.

His friends find the hot, dry land inhospitable and the women they were hired to work for even worse, but Grayson sees the beauty of the land and the challenge in Abbies eyes. He is determined to stay and vows that her land will produce crops and that she will bloom into a passionate woman under his touch.

Abbie bears no ressemblance to the delicate English beauties Grayson has known. She is like the landstrong, resilient, loving and honest. But their fragile love is threatened by Abbies past.

Emotionally intense, warmhearted, strong and powerful, A ROGUE IN TEXAS is filled with the tender joy of love, the magic of growing passion and the courage of the human soul. Readers will adore Abbie and Grayson as well as a cast of real and likable secondary characters. Read A ROGUE IN TEXAS and discover why Lorraine Heath has garnered so many fans. SENSUAL (May, 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin