When the Earl of Bradenstoke finally meets his nemesis of 10 years, the maddening yet beautiful Alice Cherville, he decides to steal a kiss from her in revenge and pretends to be his "ill-used" younger brother to do so.

Miss Cherville, however, is not at all as the Earl expected. Instead of an encroaching, opportunistic conniving female, he finds an entrancing, warm-hearted, brave young woman who is only concerned for her family's well-being.

When her younger brother goes missing, the Earl and Alice must work together to save him from an unexpected enemy. Lies and deceit start their relationship, but Love finds a way to bare all their hearts' secrets in spite of A ROGUE'S DECEPTION.

It is no wonder that Valerie King is such a popular regency author. Her books always entertain. (Jun., 256 pp. $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck