Image of The Rogue's Disgraced Lady


Image of The Rogue's Disgraced Lady

Mortimer's enjoyable romance features
the usual players and a leisurely pace. Readers encounter few surprises but many passionate interludes on the journey to solve the mystery.

Sebastian St. Claire wonders if the rumors about Lord Crestwood's beautiful widow are true; there are whispers that the lady had something to do with his demise. Few know of the cold marriage Juliet Boyd endured with her husband and leave her alone on her estate with her cousin Helena as companion.

Helena encourages Juliet to accept an invitation to a house party. The instant they meet, Juliet does not trust the charming Sebastian, but she also desires what he promises: passion and perhaps love. As they play a cat-and-mouse game, Sebastian realizes Juliet could not be a killer, but someone among them is. While passions rise and love blooms, the mystery deepens with a shocking revelation. (HARLEQUIN, Jan., 277 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin