Fenella Trentham never forgot a kiss she received five years ago from a handsome gentleman. That the Marquess of Perryn was heavily into his cups at the time and with no memory of the encounter fills her with disappointment. Perryn has foggy memories of an angel he met years ago. Though her face eludes him, the sensation of her kiss remains clear in his memory. Now he takes refuge behind careless flirtations and delights in tormenting Fenella whenever he can. During a charity caravan arranged by their matchmaking hostess, Fenella begins to see another side of Perryn. While he still teases her mercilessly, he is also kind and considerate. Determined to find a collection for the auction that will hold Perryn's attention, Fenella stumbles on one that will captivate them both in A ROGUE'S EMBRACE (4). Valerie King tells a wonderful and touching story. (Sep., 256 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Angela Keck