Faced with an arranged marriage she does not want, Lady Pearl Moreston runs away and finds employment. But once she is recognized, Pearl flees again. This time she finds someone to help her, the intriguing Luke St. Clair.

Luke is Pearls herodark, dashing and dangerous. She senses hes hiding a secret about his past and his present occupation. Luke is the infamous Saint of Seven Dialsa nobleman with a Robin Hood lifestyle.

Trouble comes when it is rumored that Pearl has been kidnapped by the Saint. To save Luke, she returns home, but they meet again when Luke arrives at her home under the name of Lucio de Santo, Comte di Santi from Italy.

Luke maintains his facade to woo Lady Pearl in a more traditional manner, but that costs money and that means returning to life as the Saint.

Pearl is captivated by Luke, but does not know all of his secrets and just how he has been deceiving the aristocracy. Even the truth does not dissuade her from loving him. Still there is more in his past than even Luke knows and as his and Pearls love grows, so does danger from a new and ruthless source.

I was immediately caught up in Luke and Pearls story, but as the initial momentum slowed, so did my interest. The plot continually shifts and at times loses the reader. The strongest aspect of ROGUES HONOR is the well-crafted characters and the strong dialogue, but there were moments when the plot bogged the delightful duo down. SENSUAL (Jul., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin