Haymore secures her reputation for crafting original, suspenseful, highly sensual love stories. Her strong characters, their powerful dialogue and the fast-moving plot add to the enjoyment as much as the high degree of sensuality. Haymore allows readers into the hearts and minds of her characters so they fall in love with them as they evolve. Readers looking for solid writing and action/adventure with an edge of the erotic need look no further.

The House of Trent has its problems, but rescuing the family’s kidnapped mother is top priority. Lukas Hawkins, the second son, is determined to succeed where his brother, the duke, failed. He is hunting the alleged kidnapper, Roger Morton, when he meets Emma Curtis, a woman out for revenge. Morton killed Emma’s husband and ruined her family. She’ll happily team up with Luke to see Morton brought to justice. Luke is willing to bring Emma along on his journey and longs to have her in his arms every night. This is Emma’s opportunity to delight in every fantasy and allow her deepest desires free rein. Emma forces Luke to look deeply into his darkest secrets and family rivalries. She brings out the best in him. Just as they believe they have found their quarry, a stunning secret is revealed and the danger to their lives — and love — mounts. (FOREVER, Nov., 416 pp., $8.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin