After four years of surviving the horrors of war in Canada, Simon St. Bride returns to England carrying evidence he has discovered of embezzlement and horrible treatment and crimes committed by the Indian Affairs officer and his cohorts against the Indian allies.

But a duel nearly kills him, and a deathbed promise made to his mentor, Isaiah Trewitt, to marry his niece Jane Otterburn delays his return.

Simon soon discovers that he is in love with Jane and that she feels the same. But he suspects she's withholding something from him and he wonders if he can trust his adorable, passionate wife.

The secret she keeps from him may not only destroy their marriage but tear their love apart. But unknown to them, an enemy already knows her secret.

Beverley brings strong, admirable characters, meticulous attention to detail and mature writing skills to this terrific, sometimes wickedly sensual love story. SENSUAL (Mar., 370 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond