Image of Romancing the Dead


Image of Romancing the Dead

It's round three of witchy heroine Garnet Lacey's first-person adventures. One of the real pleasures of this series has been watching this spunky heroine come into her own. Relationships are never easy, and when you throw in supernatural jeopardy, it can play havoc with emotions. This is a genuinely funny, adventurous and delightful read.

Powerful witch Garnet thinks she's on top of the world, which of course means all hell is about to break loose. Things have been going too well. Garnet has gained more control over the goddess Lilith, who inhabits her body, and she's engaged to vampire Sebastian.

Then Sebastian mysteriously disappears and Garnet is magically attacked. Rounding out her problems, Garnet is being stalked by another god, one who has designs on Lilith. To try to find the kidnapped Sebastian, Garnet is going to have to turn to their former enemy, Sebastian's son Matyas. Life is never simple! (BERKLEY, May, 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith