As she runs from the media and her past, Lydia Smith's car is forced off the road and three men try to kill her. Rescued by a passing motorist, Lydia willingly flees with the stranger, only to find herself in a more precarious situation. Derek Stone keeps his true identity and his real reason for rescuing Lydia from her. Racing against time, Derek has to make Lydia confess where her now deceased father hid a stolen shipment of gold. But Lydia has blocked her childhood memories. With a dangerous group hot on Lydia's and the gold's trails, Derek has to decide if risking everything is worth the growing attraction he feels for Lydia. Action-packed from the first sentence, Ingrid Weaver's Romancing the Renegade (4.5) is a fast-paced read with great characterization and a tense plot.
Reviewed by: 
Kari Thomas