Michael Kenyon, the Marquis of Stokeford, is incensed when he hears that his grandmother plans to put her new ward/companion, Vivian, in her will. Then when he finds the young woman reading Lady Stokefords palm he is determined to rid the family of the Gypsy fortune hunter.

However, Vivian is equally dedicated to uncovering the truth of her parentage and only Lady Stokeford and her friends, known as the Rosebuds, can help her. She is not going to leave until she has the truth.

Thus begins a battle of wills that turns to passion as they each try to outwit the other by plotting seduction, never counting on the games others will play to keep them apart.

Though the strength of the plot and the emotional intensity are not as powerful as in many of Ms. Smiths books, the charming charactersthe feisty heroine, domineering hero and those delightful matchmaking Rosebudsmake it a more-than-satisfying read. Ms. Smith has the ability to take a usual storyline (long-lost relative) and spiral it just enough to make her tale unique. A delight to read and a pleasure to savor. SENSUAL (Sep., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin