In a dramatic change of pace, author Elise Title delivers an explosive and darkly seductive tale of sex, guilt, repression and murder.

San Francisco psychiatrist and serial killer expert Dr. Melanie Rosen has fallen victim to one of the city's most notorious killers. "Romeo" seduces, then murders, women and takes their hearts as his trophies. His targets are not society's most visibly vulnerable people, but appearances can be deceptive. Romeo targets women who, while outwardly successful, have a hidden need to be punished or dominated.

Melanie's gruesome murder lights an angry spark in her sister, Sarah Rosen. Melanie had been helping homicide detectives John Allegro and Michael Wagner with the Romeo case. To their dismay, following her sister's death, Sarah goes on television and challenges Romeo.

For Romeo, the seductive power of trust is everything. His victims believe in him and therefore allow their darkest desires to surface. Sarah poses an exhilarating challenge, one that Romeo is not about to ignore. In this deadly game of deceit, who will be the final victor?

ROMEO is a highly evocative and graphically sexual novel that expertly explores the psychological demons that can haunt and mould behavior. A complex, unflinching and darkly powerful read. (Feb., 448 pp, $19.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith