Image of The Ronin's Mistress: A Novel (Sano Ichiro Novels)


Image of The Ronin's Mistress: A Novel (Sano Ichiro Novels)

Rowland’s latest mystery set in 18th-century Japan is based on the story of the 47 Ronin, samurai who didn’t have a lord to serve and therefore lacked both a home and financial support. Details are skillfully woven into the story so the reader isn’t lost either to the plot or cultural details. One of Rowland’s best!

Sano Ichiro has been demoted from Chamberlain to Most Honorable Investigator of Events, Situations and People and his fortunes with the shogun are fluctuating. When the Ronin kill the lord they blame for the death of their master, they don’t try to escape. What to do with them? Sano must investigate the quarrel between the lords, and figure out what the fate of the Ronin should be. The penalty for failure will be separation from his beloved wife and family and exile to a distant province. (MINOTAUR, Sep., 336 pp., $24.00)
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Page Traynor