Image of The Rookie


Image of The Rookie
Pampered heiress Maddy Felton is pleasantly surprised when her hotel mogul father puts her in charge of PR for their NASCAR driver, Tucker Macray, even though Maddy knows nothing about the sport. Tucker is initially put off by Maddy, especially after she recommends he see her stylist for his hair problem (he's nicknamed "Bed Head Macray.") But soon they develop feelings for each other, even as someone seems bent on keeping them apart. Jennifer LaBrecque's The Rookie (4) is a delightful story, in no small part because the main characters are flawed: Tyler for his cowlicks, and Maddy because she's a klutz who can laugh at herself. They're a refreshing change from the perfect cookie-cutter characters found in some stories.
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler