Lyles' creative flair makes whatever subject she chooses fascinating to a wide variety of readers, including those who might not know much about roommates from hell. She does this by creating sympathetic characters facing realistic dilemmas with courage and humor.

Novelist Elise returns to her hometown of San Diego to find that rents have gone through the roof. She really doesn't want to move back in with her parents, so her brother hooks her up with a friend who has an apartment and a spare bedroom. Although she's found success as a mystery author, she's only published one book, so there's a difference in how others perceive her and her actual reality.

How Elise copes with irritating roommates while trying to establish a career and also find true love will keep readers turning the pages--and laughing out loud. (Nov., 336 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Harrison