Image of Roping the Wind (Turner Brother series)


Image of Roping the Wind (Turner Brother series)

Pearce pens a sensual romance featuring a couple in a complex relationship. Most readers will be surprised at the protagonists' combative relationship, but the underlying tenderness mitigates this. The love scenes are stimulating but not for the timid (they feature some bondage and anal scenes). In the end, readers are acquainted with the protagonists, but the finale seems unfinished.

Injured Jay Turner will never perform in a rodeo again, so he decides to exert his control in the one arena where he can still perform--the bedroom. He makes a bargain with his chilly orthopedist: Do what he wants, when he wants it and they'll both be satisfied. Helen Kinsale realizes that ambition will not keep her warm at night. She picks up Jay's challenge and is excited by the hot, kinky sex they share. (Cheek, Feb., 284 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart