Image of Rory (Rakehells of Rochester)


Image of Rory (Rakehells of Rochester)

The final installment of Templeton’s Rakehells of Rochester series is steamy, seductive, adventurous and romantic. The author hurls her characters into passion with the speed of a whirlwind. The story suffers from too rapid character development, but erotica readers will enjoy the hotter-than-hades sexcapades that ultimately lead to a real relationship.

Sinfully handsome Rory Rayborne is infamous, along with his brothers, for his sexual escapades among the ton. But he knows time is running out on his bachelor days. When he’s badly injured in a duel, he’s taken to his brother’s house, where pretty maid Shannon O’Connor takes care of him. Rory is determined to discover her secrets, after he seduces her in the most arousing way possible. Shannon and her brother are on the run from a murderous relative. She worries that their location has been discovered and that Rory’s pursuit is swiftly undermining her good sense. Can she evade the man who wants her dead? Can she keep her heart — and body— safe from Rory’s intense sexuality? Meanwhile, Rory’s mother is throwing a fetching widow at him as a marriage prospect. Passion escalates, and so does the danger surrounding Shannon and Rory. (APHRODISIA, Jan., 256 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper