Her parents dead and her uncle a drunk, the only one Tacita Grantham has is her Yorkshire terrier, for whom she will do anything. That means taking Rosamunda to San Francisco and lying to the man escorting them there.

Jed Hardcastle is a frontiersman who wants money to support his ranch and his soon-to-be wife. So getting the lady to her groom seems a simple matter, until he witnesses the touching desperation Tacita displays to her dog. The hard journey to San Francisco begins with Rosamunda on the attack-the way Tacita acts around Jed tells the tiny dog that more's at stake than a few snuggles. Once on the trail, thieves and gunmen plague them in a hunt for treasure that Tacita unknowingly possesses. As time runs out for the trio and for the love that's born under the vast Western sky, it's up to the pooch to exact ROSAMUNDA'S REVENGE.

Ms. Craig displays a canny, or should I say canine-y, insight into the mind of a Yorkshire terrier. This unique tale is sometimes slowed by the juvenile dialogue, yet the author keeps us turning the pages to find out just what revenge the dog must exact. SENSUAL (Aug., 360 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black