Miracles really do happen in this character-driven story by the writing team behind Daughters. The strength of faith and love prevail in this well-crafted book. Matt and Anna will capture your heart.

Dr. Matthew Robbins lost his faith years ago and is now a self-proclaimed skeptic out to disprove the visionary who claims to see the Virgin Mary. He runs tests, both with and without her approval, that fail to prove she is anything but what she claims. Even more disconcerting, he’s developing feelings for the young woman. Anna Babic is a normal young woman in every way except for her extraordinary ability to communicate with the mother of God. The miracles that have resulted lead her to believe she will live her life as an isolated visionary. But this brash man who questions her every move is stealing her heart. Can she hope for a life as a wife and mother? Will the price be too high? (WHITE ROSE, 2009, 165 pp., $10.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown