Sent by his Laird, the MacTier, to capture the ellusive thief known as Falcon, Roarke and his men are captured surprised to find the Falcon is a woman, Melantha of Clan MacKillon.

Since they know her identity, they are for ransom . Roarke tries to make her understand that MacTier will not pay, but attack them, leaving nothing of Clan MacKillon.

Instead of being treated like prisoners Roarke and his men are treated as guests. Roarke is a warrior, but the longer he stays with the MacKillons the more he begins to doubt what he has done. Melantha will do whatever she can to save her clan.

Roarke decides to help the McKillons fortify their castle to withstand the MacTiers attack. After Roarke saves Melanthas brother from a fall from the walls his comforting kisses lead to fiery passion.

But when the heat of passion cools Roarke feels Melantha pulling away and decides to leave. As he is escaping the MacTiers are poised to attack. Roarke and his men assist in the battle. Melantha saves Roarkes life and in turn her clan is saved from committing suicide.

MacTier still wants his revenge on the MacKillons. He captures Melanthas brother and knows that the Falcon will come to the rescue, but will Roarke once more become her savior?

After a slow start, Ms. Monk keeps the action moving and the excitement mounting, but readers may find something missing in Roarkes motivation, his reasons for going against his liard and helping the enemy are unclear. This reader would have appreciated more depth of emotion to accentuate the romance. SENSUAL (Apr., 322 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager