Image of Rose Harbor in Bloom: A Novel


Image of Rose Harbor in Bloom: A Novel

The second book in Macomber’s series set in Cedar Cove has just the right blend of emotional turmoil and satisfying resolutions. Lovers of this well-known writer will find the book spot on, but others will see some of the characters’ actions as implausible. Overall, for a feel-good indulgence, this book delivers.

Rose Harbor Inn innkeeper Jo Marie Rose finds herself acting as caretaker for her irascible handyman Mark Taylor, who has broken his leg and is housebound. Jo finds an odd comfort in spending time with him, even as she struggles to accept her husband’s death. The inn is busy, too. Annie Newton has organized her grandparents’ 50th anniversary party and is dismayed that they are being chauffeured by Oliver Sutton, a man she dislikes even as she remembers his kiss. When Annie lets go of the past, the two explore the spark they felt years ago. Then there is high-powered businesswoman Mary Smith, recovering from a serious illness and doing some soul-searching. She’s traveled across the country to make right her greatest regret: leaving George Hudson, the man she never stopped loving. (BALLANTINE, Aug., 336 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison