Love Spell's fairytale series continues with a spirited adaptation of the timeless tale of two sisters, Rosalinda and Bianca, whose fates are forever entwined, when they flee with their mother, the Duchess of Monteferro, to a remote villa in the Alps.

He appeared out of the snow, starved, almost dead on his feet, with only a bear skin to keep him from freezing to death. But from the very moment that lovely Rosalinda first sees the handsome stranger, her heart is lost.

Mourning the loss of his compatriots, Andrea also feels the magic and to win Rosalinda's hand in marriage, he agrees to lead her mother's mercenaries to win back the duchy that was lost so many years ago. But when his true identity is revealed, will Rosalinda still be his bride?

Although characterization is slight and the resolution less than uplifting, readers in search of different settings will enjoy the dash of Italian flavor. SENSUAL (Sep., 394 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer