Image of A Rose Revealed (The Amish Farm Trilogy)


Image of A Rose Revealed (The Amish Farm Trilogy)

The final book in the Amish Farm trilogy ties up loose ends for fans and answers questions from the first two books. Readers have come to know and love the characters who have become more real than fictional with their emotions and feelings out there for everyone to see.

When nurse Rose Martin finds herself attracted to Jake Zook, she knows she should tell him she was the one who found him after his accident and stayed with him until help came. But when he shows resentment toward her, she is not sure what she should do. Then Sophie Hostetter, a cancer patient, is murdered. Rose starts nosing around and gets tangled in family secrets. Soon her life is in danger. Can Rose solve the mystery before she becomes the next victim? (HARVEST HOUSE, Feb., 272 pp., $10.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans