Though he wore the uniform of the English, in his heart Hugh MacCalome was a Highlander. After 14 years he returns to his home, Loch Haven, to find his father and younger brother transported to the U.S. and the lands and titles seized. What he needs is a powerful intermediary to help gain back what is rightfully his. The man to help him is General George Burroughs, the Duke of Hawkeskill.

Threatened with being committed if she does not agree to her uncle's plan for her marriage, Lady Caroline Burroughs runs to the only person who can help her, her grandfather, General Burroughs.

This wily curmudgeon suggests marriage to someone who will be able to protect her and who better than Hugh MacCalome. Hugh begins to see the advantage of this marriage of convenience and agrees.

Though Hugh and Caroline marry, her uncle tries to dissolve the union and have her committed.

When Loch Haven is finally returned to Hugh, he and Caroline settle in as Laird and lady. But though the uncle's threats are still a possibility, there is someone who bears a hatred for Hugh's English wife. Will Hugh meet the challenge to fight to death to save his beloved Caroline?

Ms. Overfield proves that her talent for Regencies can translate just as well to the historical genre. SENSUAL (Jan., 379 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond