Image of A Rose in the Storm


Image of A Rose in the Storm

Scotland’s complex history is as strong a character as the hero and heroine, and Joyce seamlessly merges the historical details of Robert the Bruce’s rise to power with a captive/captor, forbidden love story. Highland history sings on the pages through Joyce’s potent prose.

Before she is to wed an English nobleman to cement her family’s alliance with King Edward, Margaret Comyn travels to Castle Fyne, her inheritance and dowry. They are soon besieged by Alexander MacDonald, who rides with Robert the Bruce. Margaret defies convention, refusing to surrender until she has no choice. Her pride, loyalty and defiance earn Alexander’s respect, even as he holds her hostage. Margaret escapes Alexander more than once, but she cannot run from her heart’s desire. (HQN, Jul., 430 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin