As little more than children Lady Solange and Damon Wolf pledge themselves to one another. But her father has other plans for the wealthy young woman; he plans to marry her to Lord Redmond to please King Edward. To be sure Solange will comply he threatens Damon's life.

Sending the man she loves away is painful enough, but to be wedded to a ruthless man (rumored to be an alchemist) is even worse. Solange endures eight years of marriage when Damon arrives with word of her father's death and she feels love returning. She must somehow convince Damon to help her leave.

Solange seizes the chance to flee Redmond: telling Damon she is a widow who just wants to return home. Using his wits and warrior's skills, Damon leads Solange away from Redwood's men to safety.

A wondrous twist of fate compels Damon and Solange to marry, but their idyll is cut short by a ruthless ghost from the past.

Debut author Shana Abe utilizes a traditional betrayal theme to its best advantage and incorporates a colorful portrait of the era to sweep the reader into a captivating and highly romantic story. SENSUAL (Jan., 387 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin