Historical buffs will be enthralled with Worth's sequel to Love and War. As an adult, Richard III must face trials and tribulations before his subsequent rise to England's throne. Treason, death and debauchery play a huge part in this portrayal of a family man turned king. Excellent historical details and emotions abound in this tale of power and greed.

Richard of Gloucester wants peace for his country and to be able to spend time with his beloved wife, Anne, and son, Ned. He despises the machinations of court life and would rather stay at home. He cannot believe that his family is falling apart due to greed and misplaced love and loyalty and his heart is torn by the possibility of a second civil war.

When one brother is put to death and another dies after a reign of murder and self-indulgence Richard takes on the title of guardian to his young nephew -- only to learn that he in actuality is the legitimate heir to the throne. His decision to accept or reject the crown will determine his destiny and England's for all time. (End Table Books, Oct., 176 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith