Image of The Rose of York: Fall from Grace


Image of The Rose of York: Fall from Grace

This magnificent series is at an end, and this last installment is its crowning glory. Worth imbues passion and romance into the War of the Roses
era. The last Plantagenet dies, and the reign of the Tudors in England begins. But the focus is on Richard III and the last two years of his life -- and he is a man of contradictions. This impressive volume is not to be missed.

The King is crowned! And his beloved Queen Anne is by his side. But omens proliferate at the coronation, not all of them good, which set the stage for the ambivalence and restlessness of Richard's last days.

The pageantry of the ceremony is replaced by court intrigue and lines form of those looking for favor. Although Richard has a sharp mind for reform that's apparent today, his judgment of human nature is inconsistent.

Anne is ill and wasting away. Ned, their son and heir, is in hiding. Richard knows there will be war. And England waits. (End Table Books, Jun., 271 pp., $16.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown