Harrison Stanford MacDonald arrives in Montana to investigate whether a young woman, known as Mary Rose Clayborne, is his employer's long lost daughter, Lady Victoria.

Four urchins (one an escaped slave) found the infant Mary Rose in a New York City trash heap, and decided to create their own family. Realizing the risks of living in states, the unusual family moves to the Montana Territory where Mary Rose's "brothers" build a home filled with love for her and for Mama Rose, a southern slave who plans to join her "children" when she can.

Mary Rose knows nothing of Harrison's ulterior motives when she offers him a place to stay. Her over- protective brothers would love to place a wall between their sister and the stranger, but the powerful attraction between Mary Rose and Harrison makes that impossible.

There will be moments when you will laugh, others when you'll cry, and still more when the sheer warmth and love captured in this story will enfold you in its powerful embrace. With a master's pen Julie Garwood explores the heart and the soul of a family whose love and loyalty inspire us all. Ms. Garwood's endearing characters' letters to Mama Rose and the overwhelming power of familial love and romantic love will leave you awestruck. FOR THE ROSES is a brilliant achievement; another gift from Ms. Garwood to you. SENSUAL (Reprint, Feb., 500 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin