Image of Roses in Moonlight


Image of Roses in Moonlight

Trying to escape from overbearing parents leads American Samantha into a hefty brew of trouble across the pond. Multitalented Kurland serves up her usual delightful blend of adventure, romance and humor. For this hero and heroine, the hunt for a piece of rare antique lace is on, and there’s no telling where (or when) the trail might lead. Great, fantastic fun!

Textile expert Samantha Drummond gets a job housesitting in England, allowing her to escape from her overprotective parents. While delivering a package to London for her employer, Samantha realizes she’s being followed. Derrick Cameron and his team have been hired by a distraught aristocrat to locate a valuable piece of Elizabethan lace that was stolen from him. When Samantha realizes the package she is carrying contains the missing lace, she doesn’t know what to do. A strange encounter with Derrick forces Samantha to hide the lace, but she — oops — accidentally stashes it back in Elizabethan times. Now Derrick and Samantha must retrieve the lace and stave off the thugs after it! (JOVE, May, 368 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith