Image of ROSE'S PLEDGE (Harwood House)


Image of ROSE'S PLEDGE (Harwood House)

Veteran writers Crawford and Laity pair up once again for the Hardwood Sisters series. The first installment focuses on Rose and her desire to hold fast to faith. Readers will be enthralled by the dangers that surround the colonial-era characters. However, the pace drags at times because of the historical info.

Rose Hardwood promised her dying mother that she would hold fast to her faith at all costs. But nothing could prepare her for the sacrifices she’d make to keep her promise. When her father is nearly dragged off to jail and their livelihood nearly destroyed, Rose and her sisters sell themselves as indentured servants. When they arrive in the colonies they realize that they had been deceived and are going to be sold separately. Rose soon learns that her owner thinks very little of women and is taking her into the wilderness as a cook. Her only hope of survival lies in the kindness of Nate Kinyon. Rose’s fondness for Nate soon grows into love despite the fact that he doesn’t share her faith. Her greatest challenge lies ahead as she’s forced to decide whether keeping her pledge is worth her only chance at love. (BARBOUR, Jan., 320 pp., $12.99)
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Jennifer Reyes