When a phone call delivers bad news, Emma Mansi quickly makes arrangements to return to her hometown. This is a place she left 15 years ago and never looked back upon once. With her heartache carefully buried, returning to Serenity, Colorado will only reopen her painful wounds. But she has no other choice and so she sets out to make the journey.

Sheriff Sam Gold never got over his feelings for Emma—even though they were just teenagers at the time. When she comes back, he yearns to try and pick up the pieces, but Emma isn't planning on staying. And Sam doesn't know if he could stand losing her again. Both appear to be rather set in their ways. Will Sam step out in faith or is it too late?

While the characters are likable, the lengthy "telling" narrative slowed the pace of this otherwise pleasant novel. Just a hint of suspense livens the story somewhat. Readers will enjoy the romantic ending. (Jun., 279 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston