Image of Rosik


Image of Rosik

An exciting and action-packed story that moves from one cliffhanger to another. Great characters make this a very entertaining tale with some nicely done humor and a true, space-faring science fiction adventure.

Cherry Dare first encounters Rosik when he attempts to find out what is threatening the fabric of the Milky Way and his own Zinn galaxy. With his telepathic powers dampened, Rosik is captured and in need of rescue. Believing the project she is working on is to protect Earth, Cherry knows she must help Rosik escape and, to be safe herself, she must accompany him. Once free, Rosik wants to keep Cherry at arms' length, having no desire to take another mate. As Cherry, Rosik and his friends investigate the project Cherry was working on, they find things are much more complicated than they imagined. (WILD ROSE, Feb., 362 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley