Get ready to laugh! Nobody does time travel the way Hill does, with alpha men, the women who tame them and lots of humor. While some of the laughs are based on misunderstandings due to the confusion in time periods, the story entrances. Torolf, a fighter and a lover, is the son of Magnus, the hero of A Very Virile Viking. Hilda survives abuse and war to be sent into the future, where she must adjust to plenty of
new ideas. Hot sex and many laughs make the perfect getaway.

Navy SEAL Torolf Magnusson knows time travel is possible because he and his family came forward in time. But he's determined to go back in time to right a terrible wrong and kill the man responsible for death and destruction.

His Seal team flies to Norway, where they take a Viking long ship tour and are transported back in time. Torolf hopes his childhood friend Hilda will help him on his quest, but he fears what will happen when he leaves.

When Hilda travels into the present she is injured, and soon Torolf and Hilda are fleeing alien hunters.Will their relationship survive their differences? (Berkley Sensation, Dec., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager