ROUGH JUSTICE is an extraordinarily fast-paced, if somewhat improbable thriller. Once you start reading, hang on, for you are in for a wild ride.

For attorney Marta Richter and her client Elliot Steere, this case looks closed. After Marta's stellar performance, Steere is sure to be acquitted of his murder charge; but Marta's pride turns to dust when her client lets slip that not only is he guilty, but that he has played her for a fool.

Horrified and enraged, Marta swears that he will not get away with his plan. With the jury deliberating the verdict, Marta may have only hours to find evidence to convict Steere.

Elliot Steere may be in prison, but with his money he is far from helpless. Steere sets forces in motion that should put a stop to any of Marta's plans. Putting her assisting counsels to work, Marta is unaware that she might have just signed their death warrants.

Steere's minion Bobby Bogosian has every intention of following his orders, but things get out of hand when Marta escapes from him, forcing Bogosian to leave a trail of dead bodies behind him.

Attorney Bennie Rosato sees her firm's future disintegrating before her eyes, with one counsel in critical condition, one missing and the other working against their current client. Somehow Bennie must find a way to salvage the situation. Time is running out...the jury is deliberating, Philadelphia is staggering under a blizzard and the truth may wind up buried in an icy grave.

(Sep., 338 pp., $23.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith