ROUND THE CLOCK (4) by Dara Girard: Girard's marvelous story introduces the multifaceted character of Anna Marie. By day she's a plain Jane office worker with a verbally abusive boss. By night she's Malika, an exotic dancer who's everything Anna Marie isn't: beautiful, outspoken, confident and self-assured. On her last night of performing she encounters someone from Anna Marie's past -- Desmond Rockwell, who's escaped his dismal upbringing to become a successful adult. He's enraptured with Malika and determined to find out who she is outside of the Sin Palace. Soon Anna Marie receives an invitation to join the Black Stockings Society, and her life totally changes. Dealing with her often unhappy past leads to a promising future with the man she's loved since her youth.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims