Image of Roxy's Story (Forbidden)


Image of Roxy's Story (Forbidden)

The ghostwriter for Andrews does an amazing job of continuing the story of a set of sisters strug- gling to forge a relationship. Some authors will include subtle references to previous novels to remind readers of previous storylines; this writer takes it a step further, crafting an entire novel from the point of view of a secondary character from Forbidden Sister. Like the preceding novel, the storytelling skills make the novel read like a movie. Readers will find it easy to be swept away by this tale.

After being kicked out of the house by her military father, Roxy Wilcox hopes to prove him wrong and make it on her own. Her good looks and her extensive knowledge of French language and culture catch the eye of a recruiter who brings her to Mrs. Brittany. After careful dietary, physical, educational and geographical training, Roxy becomes one of Mrs. Brittany’s girls, a high-class escort. She manages to put her disruptive family life in the back of her mind, until both of her parents die and she becomes the sole guardian of her younger sister, Emmie. (POCKET, Oct., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner