The war with Napoleon now over, Prince Augustus of Jura proposes a treaty with Britain for the safety of his country. To cement the treaty, Augustus needs an English bride. He writes to his aunt, Princess Marianne, who resides in London, to help him find the right woman.

Trading places with his cousin Franz, Augustus arrives in London to meet his future brideand his aunts granddaughter, Lydia Beaufort. Though he finds her beautiful, she is vain and spoiled, and they have absolutely nothing in common.

It is her sister, Charity, that piques his interest. Augustus finds it easy to talk to this young woman. Intelligent, well-read and a fine rider, Charity has an exuberant zest for life.

Destiny plays a hand in Charitys fate when a week before the wedding Lydia and Franz elope, and it is Charity that Augustus takes to wife. She must deal with court conspiracy and a newly awakened sexuality and love for her husband.

Well crafted, ROYAL BRIDE is a charming and delightful read. SENSUAL (Mar., 408 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond