Image of A Royal Bride At The Sheikh's Command


Image of A Royal Bride At The Sheikh's Command
Natalia Carini is a modern woman yet believes in Nirolian tradition, so when the king chooses her to be the wife of the new heir, she accepts. Visiting Venice before she meets her intended, Natalia is attracted to a man is and shocked to learn he's her future husband. After some unhappy experiences, Prince Kadir Zafar isn't looking for love, but he becomes more enchanted as he gets to know her. Will this arranged marriage rearrange itself into something new? Penny Jordan creates an equally matched couple. Kadir tries to get the upper hand but Natalia is bold, entrancing and stands up to him. Their passionate and romantic relationship is indeed a fairy tale, and A Royal Bride at the Sheikh's Command (4) brings the Royal House of Niroli series to its happily-ever-after ending.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers