When mercenary royal hunter Devlin Archer is summoned in front of Queen Catriona of Lanfair, he knows something serious is up. It appears that the pregnant Queen is dying, and unless Devlin can locate Eleri Trahaern, the missing royal healer who disappeared decades ago, the House of Dalwyn is in danger of falling.

Devlin starts on his quest but the trail looks cold, until he is contacted by the Old One, Baleweg. He knows where Eleri went, and will take Devlin there, as magic will be required for this transportationEleri escaped into a time, not a place. They travel into the past only to discover Eleri died years ago, leaving behind a daughter.

Animal rescue worker Talia Trahaern is confused by the two strange men seeking her deceased mother. At first Talia thinks theyre nuts, for she always thought the fantastic tales her mother told her as a small child were just make believe. However, when an attempt is made on Talias life, they all realize that time is running out. Does Talia possess the skills necessary to save the Queen and her unborn child? Does she have the courage to try?

Whimsical fantasy and romance blend together nicely in this adventurous tale. Ms. Kauffmans imagination brings forth truly exciting stories. (Oct., 365 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith