Image of A Royal Marriage (Love Inspired Historical)


Image of A Royal Marriage (Love Inspired Historical)

A ROYAL MARRIAGE (4) by Rachelle McCalla: On the way to marry an Illyrian prince, Emperor Charlemagne’s daughter Princess Gisela’s ship is attacked by pirates. Injured and near death, she seeks help from the healer, King John of Lydia. John has no choice but to help, as her death could bring war. John and Gisela are drawn to one another, and when she discovers that her intended is partially responsible for John’s father’s death, she is determined to see that her father forces the Illyrians to bring the killer to justice. Loaded with historical detail, this is an absorbing story spun around a little-known, real-life woman and a wonderfully crafted fictional hero.

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley