Image of The Royal Marriage Arrangement


Image of The Royal Marriage Arrangement
THE ROYAL MARRIAGE ARRANGEMENT (3) by Rebecca Winters: The only hope makeup artist Alexandra Grigory has of paying off her recently deceased, often-married actress mother's massive debt is to sell off her jewelry collection. When it turns out everything is fake, Alex is desperate enough to agree to marry Lucca Vittorio, the crown prince of Castelmar, even though she's just met him. In exchange, Lucca will settle her finances and pay Alex's medical school tuition. Lying to Lucca's family is difficult, and so is resisting her new fiance's charm, but Alex is wary of repeating her mother's mistakes with men. A mostly lighthearted fantasy with a hint of glitz, Winters' story is entertaining, but there's little sense of the characters connecting emotionally.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer