Image of Royal Mistress: A Novel


Image of Royal Mistress: A Novel

Smith’s latest glimpse into the true-life peripheral figures around the kings and queens of medieval England is a daunting read with an overdose of historical facts that some readers may find subtracts from the overall story. Though the period is fascinating, and Smith has done her studies, the story reads more as research than romance.

Jane Lambert is the daughter of a wealthy silk merchant who comes to the notice of King Edward after she’s been forced to marry a commoner, and so begins Jane’s precarious journey into the intrigue that destroyed one monarchy and birthed another. While Jane uses her looks to captivate the king, her heart is taken with another man she may never have. When King Richard takes the throne, Jane must seek out her heart’s desire ... and hopes that he can provide for her when everything else is lost. But Jane’s love and trust are misplaced, and she will have to face dire consequences before another man steps forward to rescue her and she has one last chance at love. (TOUCHSTONE, May, 512 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Anne Black