A ROYAL WORLD APART (4.5) by Maisey Yates: Evangelina Drakos’ party princess ploys to keep her from an altar of her father’s making have turned into tabloid fodder, which gets her in big trouble. Enter coldhearted security expert Makhail Nabatov as her new 24/7 bodyguard/babysitter. What Mak and Eva find when forced together is a burning desire and an aching vulnerability under the masks they wear. Acting on their attraction could lead to everlasting love or unending loneliness. Yates’ unforgettable romance will speak to your soul, with a pair of seemingly doomed lovers who will have you yearning for their happiness. Prepare to laugh and cry, and to delight in Yates’ sensual love scenes and breathtaking landscapes.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt